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Leggings & Active Wear

The Co'Coon Bio-Crystal Leggings and Active Wear are made with Bio-Crystals embedded in the material.  The bio-crystals are tiny particles of precious minerals embedded within the fabric of the garment, guarantying their functionality and longevity, even after washing it many times. Frequent use of these body control garments allows bio-crystals refractive action in the interior and exterior of the garment causing to raise the body temperature by stimulating the body cells, thus dilating blood vessels, which leads to easier toxin elimination and facilitating tissue regeneration which in turn liquefies and dissolves localized fat, discarded through sweat and urine. The result of these benefits is accompanied by cellulite reduction, circulatory system enhancement with better blood flow, thus improving the appearance and elasticity of the skin.

*Not all items listed have Bio-Crystals