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TECNOMED Fitness Belt

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Ideal for use at gym, weightlifting and fitness activities. Corrects posture, helps to prevent herniated  discs and  lumbar muscle sprains and lower back pain. Helps to shape, control and reduce the waist and abdomen. 

 FEATURES: Interior boning designed with the necessary rigidity to provide comfortable  support for the lower back. The First adjustment is manufactured  with elastic Lycra fabric that ensure high durability and provides the body  adequate ventilation during use. The Second adjustment has two overlapping bands of  elastic mesh fabric that allows maximum coolness, broad coverage of the back and narrow down in the abdominal area for greater comfort. Keeps spine straight  and upright. Protects the lower back from movements that might cause injury.

 Made from lightweight and breathable materials for greater comfort and durability. MADE IN COLOMBIA

WASHING  INSTRUCTION: Hand wash with warm water and mild soap, do not tumble dry, do not  iron, do not use fabric softener or bleach. Hang to dry.